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Services and Benefits

CHOICE provides innovated, effective services across the relocation spectrum.  We offer the convenience of comprehensive, inclusive programs. We specialize in seamless transitions for relocating associates and their families while meeting the budgetary and administrative needs of the companies we serve.  Our team of professional relocation counselors and managers clearly makes the difference.

Committed to fulfilling your needs
  • Each program is customized to meet the individual needs of your associate
  • Your relocation budget and timeline guides our innovative services
  • Our managers will reduce your corporate administrative costs
  • Our counselors will keep you informed of relocation industry trends
  • We guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • We work as your partner and put our established relationships to work for you
Personal Counselors and Effective Coordination

CHOICE will provide a personal counselor to manage all aspects of the relocation process.  By providing a single contact for all services, the answers to all questions and concerns are just a phone call away.  CHOICE counselors are trained to administer the complete relocation process from policy creation to finding a home, and everything in between and beyond.  Our counselors are experienced and recognized leaders in the field. 

Policy Development

An effective relocation policy is critical to the success of your company.  It is the welcome mat you provide to your company’s corporate culture.  CHOICE will review your policy and keep you informed about issues and trends that affect it.  Our knowledge in the mortgage and real estate industries, economic and tax issues, and the communities we serve will impact your relocation program.  Our experts can create a policy to meet your needs, rebuild your current policy from the ground up, or make minor modifications as appropriate.  Once your policy is adopted, CHOICE will provide the services and programs necessary to its success.

Expense Management

CHOICE will manage all aspects of your relocation expense and reimbursement program, including compliance with IRS regulations. Our managers will process expense reports, prepare payroll information, and administer reimbursement protocols.  Our individual relocation counselors will ensure effective communication between the company and the relocating associate, assuring all expenses are justified and reimbursements are made promptly.

Effective Communication

Upon notification of a move, our counselor will initiate contact with your associate to provide an overview of your relocation policy and benefits.  Each step in the relocation process will be explained, and a relationship will be established between your new associate and our counselor on your behalf.  This communication will continue through the relocation process and guarantees a successful, satisfactory move.

Cost-of-Living Analysis

CHOICE can determine and administer your associate's cost-of-living objectives. We will provide meticulously researched reports based on income, economic indicators in specific communities, local and state taxes, housing trends, family size and needs, and average commutes.  Our counselors will help your associate obtain the highest standard of living within their income constraints and lifestyle preferences.

Mortgage Partnerships

Our counselors and managers have established relationships with relocation loan specialists across the country.  Our mortgage partners provide competitive interest rates, loan pre-approval, and a streamlined process designed to make home ownership and financing worry-free.  CHOICE loan programs can be administered through secure, web-based technologies to reduce paperwork and the need to interrupt your associate’s new career transition.

Real Estate Marketing Assistance

The CHOICE marketing assistance program is designed to facilitate the sale of your new associate’s home.  Our goal is to obtain the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. Our counselors will help your associate select an effective local realtor, find a qualified appraiser, prepare the property for a quick sale, create a marketing strategy, and negotiate offers.  Selling a home can be stressful, but our counselors strive to relieve unnecessary anxiety.  CHOICE counselors have established relationships with the professionals you will need to ensure the quick, profitable sale of your associate’s home.

Home Search Assistance

Because of our cost-of-living analysis, your new associate will already have a powerful tool to use in the search for a new home.  Based on that analysis, CHOICE counselors will provide critical information regarding specific communities, neighborhoods, education and healthcare options, and local taxes.  Individual properties and neighborhoods will be researched to determine market trends, resale value, and commute times.  Our counselors are knowledgeable about local communities, lifestyles, and economic trends.  They have established relationships within those communities to help your associates find the perfect location for a home that meets the needs of their families.  Finding a home will be the first priority of your new associate, and CHOICE counselors provide the knowledge and relationships necessary to achieve this important goal.

Temporary Housing Programs

CHOICE counselors are experts in the field of temporary housing, especially in communities known for their high costs of living.  Because they have established relationships in this service sector, CHOICE counselors have the ability to match corporate housing budgets with the individual needs of their associates.  Our program includes lease and security deposit negotiations, furniture rental assistance, and all other details associated with temporary housing solutions.

Coordination of Physical Move

CHOICE counselors have partnered with local and national moving companies to provide secure, efficient transfers of your associate’s personal belongings.  Your counselor will manage all aspects of the moving process, right down to minute details.  We’ll estimate the costs, coordinate the packing, establish the timeline, arrange for appropriate storage, and remain actively involved with the process until your new associate is settled.  All invoices will be audited for your company, and we will assure your associate’s satisfaction during this stressful, exciting time.

Meeting Family Needs

CHOICE counselors know that meeting the needs of your new associate means meeting the specialized needs of that associate’s family.  The modern family has ever-changing demands for services.  Families need quality day care for young children, extra curricular activities for older children, and access to cultural and entertainment amenities.  Spouses often need to establish professional relationships and networks for themselves and may require job placement assistance. Our CHOICE counselors have forged partnerships with local counseling firms and targeted institutions to create individual programs that will integrate your associate’s family into the local community.

International Move Management

CHOICE counselors have adapted their services to the complicated needs of a global economy.  International transfers are more complex than typical domestic relocations.  In addition to the traditional services provided by CHOICE counselors, we have established industry-leading protocols for international relocations.  Our partners in this effort include experienced visa and immigration attorneys, currency advisors, and language and cultural tutors.  CHOICE counselors will set up a local network of professionals who will assist your associate in purchasing a car (and learning how to drive it), shipping and receiving of household items, and establishing a relationship with American embassies and consulates.  Tours of the local community’s educational institutions, cultural amenities, and shopping options will be arranged.  If the relocation is a temporary one, CHOICE can mange the details of your associate’s repatriation to the United States.  As always, CHOICE will manage complicated administrative aspects of the relocation for your company, ensuring all expenses are aligned with established budgets.